TIA Creatives  

Our Team:

Here you can meet and find a little about our team behind TIA Creatives
The team we use are freelance experts , they may change as the interests within the group change:

Debra Kurs - Director

Awardee of Merseyside Mentor of the Year 2010

Eimear Kavanagh

Eimear is practicing mixed media Artist and qualified practioner of Massage/Holistic Therapies.

Eimear uses her past experience and skills to help to help people achieve their creative potential. Sharing activities which creatively and gently explore the hopes and dreams of each individual, which have proven to be both fun and relaxing and with valuable therapeutic benefits. Yoga and Meditation practice and present moment awareness are all intertwined within her planned sessions encouraging calm, peace and serenity.

Through working at Turn It Around workshops for young people have included positive strategies for combating stress and difficult life situations by bringing awareness of emotions and ways of dealing with them to the those who are often facing quite vulnerable and difficult situations. Eimear has also been involved in working with special needs, the homeless, vulnerable adults and children with life limiting illnesses through various community centres, festivals, schools and galleries.

    Karen Evans

Hi I am a Textiles and mixed media artist living and working in Liverpool.
I design and create beautiful jewellery , clothing , fashion accessories and wall art from mainly recycled and up-cycled objects.
I studied Fashion and Textiles at John Moores University.
I look forward to a summer of creative gorgeousness so get busy collecting old jewellery and out grown clothing and let's see where our imagination takes us.

Yoga with Lari

“DIVINE TIME” Creating a sacred space to allow your inner light to shine

Yoga & Relaxation with Lari

The Yoga and relaxation (Divine Time) sessions are designed to encourage children to see the beauty and light within themselves. Children learn to develop their self-confidence, learn techniques to balance stress/emotional levels and support discipline and self-control.

Improving the relationship with themselves allows them to build loving trusting relationships in their outer world. Allowing a child to explore their inner landscape through Yoga, Mindfulness, Relaxation and Meditation develops essential tools to support the cultivation and nurturing of a healthy body, mind and spirit.

The classes are transformative and fun. Fun allows the Child to explore and expand their creativity and imagination, thus giving birth to new ideas and enthusiasm in other areas of their lives. Supporting individuality and self-expression through movement, stillness and breath.

We encourage parents to partake in the sessions, to support and encourage “bonding” with their Child. We feel it is important for the Child to create a link with the Parent; this then supports the Childs overall connectedness with self and others.

We hold the space for you and your child to create “space” within, which promotes overall sense of wellbeing.

Sessions can be tailored to suit individuals and groups and we encourage ideas to support and bring Parents, Children and the community together in a loving, transformative and safe space.

May your light shine brighter!